EOLSS Co-Sponsored Conferences

Global Accords for Sustainable Development -
Innovation in Technology and Links to Finance and Law
September 5-6, 1996,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
2nd International Crop Science Congress
November 17 - 24, 1996, New Delhi, India.
Building Partnerships for Sustainable Food and Livelihood Security:
3-6 February  1997,New Delhi, India.
The 20th Annual International Conference of the
International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE):
New Delhi, India, January 2224, 1997.

15th International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
(IMACS) World  Congress Berlin, August 1997.

International Conference on Environmental Indices,
INDEX 97:  St. Petersburg, Russia, July 7-11, 1997.

Mission Earth '98  January 11-14, 1998,
San Diego, California, USA.

Global Accords for Sustainable Development-
Technology Strategies in Support of Global Accords
May 4-6, 1998, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

International Conference on New Energy Systems and Conversions
(NESC'99)  : 27-30 June 1999, Osaka, Japan.

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